May 31, 2018


“Everyone can make a difference”

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity can be an invaluable experience for young adults. Community service is often a requirement for high school students or a Pre-Requisite for joining an association or Honor Society because of the skills and knowledge gained from public service. Volunteering is also an excellent way to explore interests, network and build a résumé or portfolio.

Some examples of how youth can be involved are listed below by age category.

14-15 years old:
• Home Build-Non-Active Construction Site (with limitations)
• Constructing or decorating flower boxes, mailboxes for Habitat Homeowners
• Landscaping
• Fundraising

16-17 years old: Everything 14-15 year olds can engage in, plus:
• Home Build-Active Construction Site (with limitations)
• ReStore Activities